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Expirer (we wish!)

Oh shit, it's expyra, and what a whiny little fucklet she is!
Her friends list is pretty miserable, but then again so is she, so no surprise there, which is why the biography field on her info page reads 'nothing to say'.
She's a member of childfree and ikissgirls.

It's appalling the way this sixteen year old lesbian, opposed to children and childhood (although of course she too, and all her associates have been chidren themselves) sounds off about the children she finds so loathesome (not any in particular, although there are some particular examples, but children in general) in such a self-righteous manner.

How dare she be so indignant about something of which she knows so little, particularly as she is little more than (and technically and legally still) a child herself.

This is a brand new journal, so there's not much there yet, but judging by what there is, she needn't have bothered. Perhaps she'll be a bit less of a shit when she's a grown up?
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